Do you know what the Way of Saint James is? Have you ever thought that it might be the perfect time to learn and practice languages? In today’s post, we’ll tell you about learning languages while you walk the road to santiago.

The Way of Saint James

The Way of Saint James (Camino de Santiago, in Spanish) is a 1, 000-year-old pilgrimage trail that starts from different points all over Europe. However, the end is the same – the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, in Spain. It is said that the bones of the apostle Saint James are supposedly buried in the cathedral.

The road in figures

Thousands of people walk the Way of Saint James each year. In 2018, 327,378 took the route. In terms of gender, pilgrims are currently almost 51% female, 49% male. The most common age group is between 30 and 60 years. In total there are 189,505, 54.52% of pilgrims. The older ones are also very present in these statistics. Finally, in terms of means of transport, most people walk, although some do so by bicycle or on horseback.

Language learning opportunity

The Way of Saint James is the perfect opportunity to learn languages. You will be able to meet people of all nationalities and ages. People come from all over Spain and Europe. Italians, Germans, French, Portuguese, British, Irish, Americans and even Koreans are just some of those who make the journey. As they will be from different countries, you will have to communicate with them using another language.

Get ready!

If you are willing to walking to Santiago after reading this article, pack your bags and go. Don’t forget to take boots, a sleeping bag, comfortable trainers, a canteen, sunscreen and a small first aid kit. Plan your route ahead of time and think about which hostels you will sleep in and where you will eat.

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