how to learn Spanish online

Online Spanish Lessons give people the opportunity to learn an important foreign language, since it’s the second most spoken language in the world. But other than pay attention to the teacher and take notes in each class, what can we do to improve and learn even more? In today’s post we will give you some tips to learn Spanish online.

– Reading and Writing

The best way to learn any language is by reading as much as possible and getting to know the letters and words in its vocabulary. For example, you can read your favourite book in your e-Book, or maybe read a magazine or newspaper in your computer, smartphone or tablet about topics you are interested in. This way, you either start with something easy or you read about something you like.

Also writing is good to start learning so you can try to remember how words are written, and next time you hear those words, you will know exactly how to write it. You can chat with people on online messaging sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, and start speaking with native Spanish speakers, so you can online pen pals.

– Speaking and Listening

Speaking is another skill you can put into practice via online. So, having familiarised yourself a bit with the Spanish language and how to read it, it is good practise to read it out loud so you can start learning how to pronounce properly and get better at it every day.

One of the best tips to learn Spanish online is to listen to music by Spanish artists or listen to Spanish podcasts in YouTube or Spotify. You can also search through Netflix, for example, and watch films or series made in Spain, or watch soap operas from South America called “telenovelas”. This way, you can listen to how each word that is said, which will also help you for the previous tip, the Speaking. 

“” provides us an interesting article about the “Top Ten Tips for Learning Spanish”.

– How to improve your Spanish online?

Apart from these tips to learn Spanish Online, you can improve your Spanish Skills via online classes taught by native Spanish teachers with large experience in online language classes. In Clases por Videoconferencia, we are glad to help you improve your Spanish, either if you need it for professional or academic purposes, or just for fun. I hope this post «Tips to Learn Spanish Online» has been of interest to you. For more information, please visit our website

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