how can you excel in your Spanish exam

Online learning has quickly become the new norm. With something as complex as learning a language, it can be difficult to know how to study. In this article, we are going to explore the best tips to ace your Spanish exam. Whether you’re studying for A1 or C2, these tips are relevant to get the best out of your online Spanish learning. 

Little and often!

When studying for an exam, the most important thing is to give it sufficient time! Learning a language takes a consistent approach. You don’t need to cram, but practice every day. Spend as much time as you can surrounded by the language. This leads us to our next tip…

Be chatty!

Take every opportunity you can to practice! Find a pen pal you can write to, or talk as much as possible to any Spanish speakers you know. These conversations can be about anything. Simply spending time talking- going through the mental gymnastics of conjugating verbs and recalling vocab- is extremely useful. If you have a classmate you can work with, chat with them in Spanish. Talking improves recall far more than simply reading through notes will!

Spending time talking one-on-one with an expert teacher is an invaluable opportunity. If you want to boost your learning, check out our bespoke lessons at ClasesPorVideoconferencia

Keep learning fun!

Learning vocab and grammar is, of course, important. However, to keep your Spanish engagement up every day, its important to keep learning fun. Some of our best tips to ace your Spanish exam involve ensuring you enjoy it! Luckily, the Spanish language has a rich history of film, music and literature that doubles up as great practice. 

Film and TV

Watching Spanish TV is a wonderful resource. It opens you up to a different source of more conversationalevery-daySpanish. This is helpful no matter the level. For beginners, try watching with English subtitles. For a trickier (but more beneficial) challenge, use Spanish subtitles. Progress to watching without subtitles! You can keep notes of any useful vocab or idiomatic phrases that you see. For some great recommendation of Spanish Netflix shows, check out this EF article


In the later Spanish level exams, you need to make sure you are comfortable with different Spanish accents. Music is an enjoyable way to do this. Reggaeton has become hugely popular in recent times, with famous singers from all over Latin America. Learning the lyrics and trying to sing along can be a fun way to practice your speaking skills! 


The Spanish language has lots of fantastic literature. Reading Spanish novels, for all skill levels, is excellent practice. For beginners, check out this FluentU article on books for early Spanish learners. For more difficult novels- including classic literature from Allende, Dario and Garcia Márquez, you can get a list of recommended texts from this MyDailySpanish article

We hope you found this article on the best tips to ace your Spanish exam helpful. If you’d like to take advantage of expert one-on-one Spanish lessons, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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